videos and pictures and stuff I find on the net.

Paint your pinky blue ladies if you are against Bullying.

Ekoh Hip Hop everyone that sees this website please look at this watch this video everyone it's inspiring 

stay strong everyone

they have a march against bullying every year. I'm not sure when it is.

for the guys that are being bullied
no one is perfect
we are here for you 24/7
making people cry really hurts check out this song everyone I know this song is rock but I thought it would go great for my website hope you all like it. who loves katy perry? this song is amazing listen to this one aswell everyone stay strong. for those of you that have been bullied listen to this song.

sad and true
demi lovato was bullied here is a story on how it all went done for this perfect girl. she's back to herself again the good self not the bad self
got that right
this is what happens when people get bullied. we have to stop it or at least try
stay strong everyone
it isn't cool
this is a band against bullying

Never be afraid to be yourself.

If anyone has skype and if it's easier to talk to me or anyone that is working for me. I have a skype only for this business, nicholas.perry45 if you want to find me on that and use it then feel free. thank you

stay strong everyone I know it's hard to but I also know you can do it.

girls have eating disorders cuz people tell them they are fat! everyone is beautiful in there own way. so stop being so cruel be nice.

everyone is beautiful in there own way people. stay strong everyone!

read this 

do it

dec 15-20 everyone

stay strong 


decemember 17th

you can stay strong 

Jesus already paid the price for our sins and mistakes. So we don't need to hurt ourselves. He will forgive you and never leave you.


remember to stay strong everyone.

bullying has to stop and it will, noone will bully anyone one on my watch.

this is what people say when they are hurting or they hurt someone because they are self harming and people find out and they lose those friends that judge.

read this 

Bullying really hurts and it makes people kill themselves, so stop Bullying

if you are being bullied by someone ignore it, that's how this picture works.

this goes to miley cyrus cuz of her song wrecking ball, y'all have no clue how bad this hurts. stop bullying 

I have no comment to this but hope you agree and like this. all of you 

life is way to short to end your life for something stupid! stay strong y'all. be happy about yourself, remember what I said before ignore people, ignore the haters.

it will stop just takes time.

this is for all of you cutters and for all of you that have been bullied, stop self harming.

Forget the past live your life to the fullest and stay strong this sound is for all you ladies out there, Selena gomez is amazing. listen to the Lyrics 

if you are hurting inside don't do this just find someone to talk to be strong. 

Everybody has the right to feel beautiful and confident 

No matter weight, size, disabilities, body problems etc

A Bully Called This News Anchor Fat, And What Happened Next Is Incredible. Please Watch!

"every 4 seconds someone commits suicide show some damn respect"

"Forget the past live your life to the fullest and stay strong"

I feel bad for people that are being Bullied, when they do this stuff it hurts a lot of people. stay strong guys no more doing this.

think before you speak people! leave people alone! 



I haven't updated my website in a while with cool videos hope everyone likes this one.




here is the other video I wanted to share with everyone, hope you all like them.


if you are Against Bullying Spirit Day

Be strong don't let people push you around

you guys don't realize how much words hurt a person

read this guys stay strong

everything will be ok soon guys.

Cyber Bullying hurts more then in person.

there is a website with this as well, I don't remember what it is. but lets stop Bullying guys 

everywhere you go guys you will have a NO BULLY ZONE.

lets take a stand and stop Bullying

never be ASHAMED!

everything will be ok guys please stay strong.

you are strong self harm needs to end, Bullying will end.

you are beautiful 

guys please stop this, everything will be ok. I know everyone is hurting from being Bullied, it will stop soon. just stay strong. 

it's true guys you are way better then the blade. again stay strong. if Demi lovato can stay strong I know you guys can to.

self harming a big no no guys. 

this is so amazing this girl did it, she's healthy and she looks great 

she talks about her eating disorders and how it effect her life

another video for you guys. remember to stay strong everything will be ok. keep your head up. 

this video is really hard to hear so just listen real close to it. pay attention closely

you are meant to be here with us. suicide and self harm are never the answer to life's problems. we want you here with us. stay strong ❤️

listen to these lyrics carefully  I hope this song will help someone. I know a lot of people that just listen to music and it helps them when they need something. stay strong guys

listen to lyrics tell me if you can relate to it. send me your comments 

if you have any questions

Please call us at: 702-906-1972 or fill out our contact form.


SUTB: Anti-Bullying Organization

648 Sunrise Lake PL

Henderson, NV 89002